Which nonfiction title should we read for May?


Thanks to everyone who came out last Wednesday to Teaism – Penn Quarters to discuss Zeitoun!   Everyone loved the book and we had a wonderful discussion.     It is now time to choose the nonfiction book that we will read for our next meeting in May.  This poll will close at 6:00 p.m., tomorrow, Monday, April 26.   Please vote only once!  I have already scheduled our next nonfiction meeting for Wednesday, May 26.


The Post-American World, by Fareed Zakaria.  292 pages.  This relentlessly intelligent and immensely readable examination of power focuses less on American decline than on the rise of China, trailed by India.

Zakaria is an Indian-American journalist who received his Ph.D. from Harvard.  The book was #2 on the New York Times bestsellers list.  The NYT review of the book is here.  The Amazon page for the book is here.


The House at Sugar Beach: In Search of a Lost African Childhood, by Helene Cooper.  384 pages.  Cooper, a New York Times reporter who fled a warring Liberia as a child, returned to confront the ghosts of her past — and to look for a lost sister.

Helene Cooper is a White House correpondent for the New York Times.  You can read the NYT review for The House at Sugar Beach here.  You can view the descriptions and reader reviews for the book on Amazon here.


The Trillion Dollar Meltdown: Easy Money, High Rollers, and the Great Credit Crash, by Charles R. Morris.  194 pages.  How we got into the mess we’re in and what comes next, explained briefly and brilliantly.

Morris is a lawyer, former investment banker, and the author of ten books.  He writes frequently about financial matters for the Wall Street Journal, the Atlantic Monthly, and the New York Times.  The NYT review for the book is here.  The Amazon page for the book is here.


One Response to “Which nonfiction title should we read for May?”

  1. 1 David S.

    There is a new and revised version of “The Trillion Dollar Meltdown” called “The Two Trillion Dollar Meltdown”… perhaps we can all make sure to read the revised version if this book wins?

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